LA Design Challenge 2009

‘Youthmobile 2030’

With LA among the biggest markets for cars in the US – and hence worldwide – it’s hardly surprising that it has become a model for future car sales. LA was among the first to take environmental steps with its clean air rules and the LA Auto Show continues this future-looking direction by running a themed ‘Design Challenge’ competition every year to look at the future of the car.

This year’s Design Challenge at the LA show is ‘Youthmobile 2030’, which looks specifically at how the automobile will be shaped by future generations. The car has been instrumental in young people’s social lives and acted as a form of self expression, this year’s Youthmobile 2030 Design Challenge looking specifically how the cars role will change with the implementation of new communication technology. Mobile phones with video and cameras, internet on the move and social networking have seen a dramatic impact on how the young and old live their lives in recent years, and the LA Design Challenge is looking to see how the new generation of drivers aged 16-23 will connect with the car in the year 2030.

The challenge looks to do exactly that – challenge conventional thinking and models of how we use our cars. The results as ever are fascinating and the list of entrants is outlined below





Nissan V2G concept

Nissan’s bold vision of the future of our roads is one where petrol is replaced by electric lines laid in the road. These will supply electricity to cars such as the V2G, which will also be able to be used away from electrified roads.
What’s so cool about this?

It may look like a giant robot lobster, but the Nissan V2G poses some very pertinent questions about how energy will be supplied and used by drivers in 2030.

By using an electrified grid, the roads will send power to cars as they drive along, while a battery in the V2G will allow it to head off the beaten track.
Any amazing technology?

Nissan says the V2G (UNLMTD) will use low-cost construction methods to make it very affordable for young drivers in 2030.

It reckons the V2G will be the best-selling car of its time, while cheap electricity supplied by the grid will make refuelling in the way we do with petrol-powered cars a thing of the past.
Where would it fit in the model range of the future?

Think of the V2G as a funky alternative to the Micra and you’re on the right track. It’s aimed at younger drivers and will come in a variety of different body finishes, including a transparent plastic option, which will apparently give it the adaptability of a mobile phone.



Os As novidades do mundo motorizado


As novidades do mundo motorizado


As novidades do mundo motorizado


As novidades do mundo motorizadoAs novidades do mundo motorizado

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