1. I often see ___________ on the bus, but I don’t talk to_________________

a) she/her

b) he / his

c) them / them

d) our / us

e) your / them

2. She lives near ____________ , in that old house.

a) he

b) us

c) she

d) I

e) Hers

3. ______________ always walk to school together.

a) us

b) me

c) she and he

d) he and her

e) I and him

4. He teaches ____________ English in the afternoon.

a) I

b) me

c) he

d) she

e) I and he

5. I know both of ____________ well. How can you lie to me?

a) he

b) she and her

c) us

d) they

e) me

6. He seldom speaks to ____________ in Spanish.

a) I

b) he

c) she

d) me

e) we

7. Sometimes I almost believe _______________ .

a) our

b) they

c) them

d) its

e) my

8. _____________ always helps _______________ with my homework.

a) She/I

b) He/we

c) He/me

d) They/us

e) We/them

9. ___________ are both Venezuelans. ___________ were born in Caracas.

a) He/They

b) She/They

c) It/We

d) Us/We

e) We/We

10. Henry always sits between Mary and ________________ .

a) he

b) she

c) I

d) him

e) we


11. William lost ________ pen. Will you please lend him __________ ?

a) my/your

b) his/her

c) his/yours

d) our/their

e) my/my

12. I was on time for __________ class but Helen was late for _______.

a) my/her

b) my/hers

c) ours/hours

d) his/her

e) their/my

13. They have ________ methods of working and we have ___________

a) theirs/ours

b) them/hers

c) his/her

d) their/ours

e) mine/his

14. Whose are these shoes?

They are _________ shoes. They belong to _________ . They are

____________ .

a) his/he/him.

b) yours/you/your

c) their/them/theirs

d) our/us/ourself

e) hers/she/her

15. Tell Willian not to forget to bring __________ tennis racket, and

___________ , too.

a) hers/mine

b) hers/my

c) his/her

d) its/it

e) his/mine

16. I borrowed money from all ___________ friends, but Helen refused to borrow any from ______________ .

a) my/her

b) mine/his

c) our/it

d) hers/theirs

e) my/hers

17. Each one believes ___________ own god.

a) their

b) theirs

c) his

d) mine

e) hers

18. I will give her ___________ watch because it is hers and not yours.

a) hers

b) her

c) yours

d) mine

e) she

19. They have ________ideas on such matters and we have _________

a) their/ours

b) her/his

c) our/ours

d) your/his

e) his/her

20. We spend _________ money on cars, they spend _______ on ships.

a) our/theirs

b) theirs/his

c) her/her

d) my/your

e) his/her


21. Little Jane and her sister went to the park __________.

a) by themselves

b) by herself

c) for herself

d) for themselves

e) with them

22. They took a long trip through the woods by _____________

a) ourselves

b) yourselves

c) themselves

d) herselves

e) himselves

23. They hurt ___________ while playing baseball

a) himself

b) herself

c) itself

d) one another

e) myself

24. Helen, however, prefers to go __________ to London.

a) each other

b) himself

c) by herself

d) myself

e) by himself

25. The old man ________ did the whole garden.

a) myself

b) herself

c) itself

d) himself

e) by herself

26. The baby ________ found the hidden cake.

a) herself

b) himself

c) itself

d) myself

e) ourselves

27. It was the widow _________ who told ________ not to go there.

a) herself/our

b) itself/me

c) itself/him

d) myself/me

e) herself/me

28. I feel proud of _________ because I won the prize.

a) ourselves

b) themselves

c) yourselves

d) myself

e) by myself

29. Do you like to eat ___________?

a) myself

b) alone

c) by yourself

d) ourselves

e) “b” e “c” são corretas

30. The two boys are now writing to ___________ daily.

a) each other

b) one another

c) them

d) us

e) all are correct


31. ______________ Alps are ________ highest mountains in _________


a) The/the/…

b) …/the/…

c) …/…/….

d) The/a/the

e) The/the/the

32. __________ sick baby needed __________ oxygen. Everybody needs

__________ fresh air.

a) The/the/X

b) X/the/X

c) The/X/the

d) The/X/X

e) X/X/X

33. ____________ five o’clock in the morning.

a) It is

b) It are

c) There are

d) There is

e) Is there

34. Television became popular in _________ few years.

a) an

b) a

c) the

d) that

e) this

35. Qual a alternative correta:

a) The population of China is almost fourfold the population of United States.

b) The population of China is almost fourfold of the United States.

c) Population of China is almost fourfold the population of the United States.

d) China population is almost fourfold United States population.

e) Population the China is fourfold the United States.

36. One of ________ most important results of Industrial Revolution was ___________ machine.

a) …./the

b) the/an

c) the/…

d) …/…

e) the/the

37. He deserves better treatment, after all he is not ________ prisoner.

a) as

b) a

c) of

d) so

e) one

38. Like _______ automobile _________ radio was accepted quickly.

a) the/the

b) a/…

c) the/…

d) …/…

e) …/the

39. Go at fifty miles _______ hour.

a) a

b) an

c) the

d) …

e) the an

40. ________ sun is shining now, but part of _________ sky is still dark.

a) the/…

b) the/the

c) a/a

d) the/an

e) …/…

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