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The name of Abraham Lincoln is famous. It is known by all American in the United States. It is also known by other people all over the world. He is called, "The Great Emancipator", because he freed the slaves of his country.

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. He was not born of rich parents. He was born in a little house made of logs. His father had come to new state of Kentucky to make a new home. He was what was called a settler. Many people like Lincoln’s father were moving to the West. The West was still wild. There were no roads. Life was hard. Abraham Lincoln learned early to use an axe. With his axe he helped cut down trees. From the trees they made logs to build small houses. These houses are called log cabins. They usually had only one room. Lincoln grew up a tall, awkward, but very strong young man. He could lift heavy things with ease. He liked to wrestle and was a better wrestle than all the other boys around.

Because of his great desire to learn, Abe knew that books were his best friends. He borrowed every book for miles around. When Abe left home, he got a job taking some material on a flat boat to New Orleans. The Mississipi River is a great river that runs from the north of the United States to the south. At the south end is New Orleans. this city stands where the river runs into the Gulf of Mexico. In New Orleans Abe saw something that made a great impression on him. He saw a place where slaves were being sold.

Abe became a clerk in a store when he returned North form New Orleans. His honesty became famous. He would walk miles to correct a mistake in giving change to a buyer. He became liked and respected by all.

Later he owned a store with another man. But he did not do well. Sometimes he would read while attending a buyer. While in this business, he got a book about law. Here was his great interest. He studied law. He was soon elected by the people of the state a member of the part of the government that makes laws. He was in this position for eight years.

The question of slavery was threatening to divide the country about this time. Lincoln, who hated slavery, traveled around the country making speeches.

Lincoln would speak against slavery. He became famous as a powerful speaker at this time. He became known all over the North. In the elections of 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States. It was a surprise to everybody. He had been a country lawyer just a few years before. He had come from a log cabin to the White House.

The great problem when Lincoln was elected was this: the North had no slaves. The South had slaves. When a new state was formed in the new West, should that new state be allowed to have slavery? Lincoln said "No". some of the southern states left the Union. They stopped recognizing Lincoln as their president. They formed a "United States" of their own. It was called "The Confederacy".

Lincoln tried to get these states to come back. They refused. A war started between the new confederacy and the North. It started when a northern fort was capture by the soldiers of the South. the war lasted for four long years. It was called, "The Civil War", or "The War between the States". During the war, Abraham Lincoln signed "The Declaration of Emancipation", which freed all slaves.

When the war was over the South found out they had a great friend for President. He had a big job to repair the losses of war. He did not get to fulfil his job. He was killed by a crazy actor, John Booth, on the night of April 14, 1865. Mr. Lincoln had gone to a theater with his family. Mr. Booth entered the private "box" without being noticed. He came up behind Mr. Lincoln and shot him in the head. Lincoln was carried to a house close by where he died next morning.


1 – What is Abraham Lincoln called?

2-  Why is he called "The Great Emancipator?

3-  When was he born?

4-  Was Abraham Lincoln born of rich parents?

5-  Was he born in a big house?

6-  To which state had Abraham’s father come to make a new home?

7-  Were there many people moving to the West at that time?

8-  Did Abraham know how to use an axe?

9-  Was life easy for the Lincolns?

10- Did Abraham grow up to become a tall strong man?

11- Did he like to wrestle?

12- Was he a good wrestler?

13- Did Abe have a great desire to learn?

14- What kind of job Abe get when he left home?

15- In which direction does the Mississippi River run?

16- Where is New Orleans located?

17- What did Abe see in New Orleans?

18- Did the selling of slaves make a great impression on him?

19- What did Abe do when he returned from New Orleans?

20- Did he own a store?

21- Did he do well?

22- What did he sometimes do while attending a buyer?

23- In what was Abe interested?

24- What did he study?

25- How did Abe become famous?

26- When did he become president of the United States?

27- What was the great problem when Lincoln was elected?

28- What did some of the southern states do?

29- What did they form?

30- What did Lincoln try to do?

31- Did he suceed?

32- How did the war start?

33- How long did it last?

34- What do we call this war?

35- What did Lincoln sign during the war?

36- When was Lincoln killed?

37- By whom was he killed?

38- How was he killed?

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