July 15, 2008

Primrose Hill mist (or Vanishing London)

primrose hill mist
It rained all day last week and didn’t stop once. I walked up Primrose Hill for the ‘view’. You couldn’t even see BT Tower because of all the mist! An American family and their dog were playing on the hill.
Just three months ago all these trees were completely bare.

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June 13, 2008

The end of Polaroid

As you probably gathered, the
Polaroid Manipulation
page hasn’t been updated for about four years. Partly because I’ve been experimenting with other photography, but mostly because the film used to manipulate Polaroids (SX-70) has been discontinued.

I experimented late last year with some expired SX-70 film but the results just weren’t as vibrant as the ones using the ‘fresh’ film back in 2003.
Now, Polaroid itself – the iconic instant film – is going the way of the dodo, and it’s sad…

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June 08, 2008

London Smithfield Nocturne 2008


Last night, amateur and pro cyclists gathered for the second annual Smithfield Nocturne – competitive London cycling in the night time!

Early in the evening I watched the folding cyclists, dressed in business gear, as they scurried around the 1km loop that stretched across Smithfield meat market.


The crowd swelled as the pro cyclists began the Elite Criterium at around 8.30pm, a gruelling 1 hour race plus five laps of the circuit. It was exciting stuff, and certainly difficult to pan and shoot to take good photos; the cyclists were speeding past, faster and faster as the race went on – at around 50km/h. And the light kept changing.

These were taken with a compact Canon digital camera on manual settings. Most at ISO 80-200, and panning as the cyclists sped past. Towards the end of the night I upped the ISO to 800-1600.

smithfield nocturne



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May 05, 2008

Tourist bus

Tourist bus in bank on a sunny May day.

The River Thames, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben at Dusk

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