The Perfect Girl

Hilary Duff, is a rich, young star with the world at her feet. She became famous as the clumsy teenager in Disney’s TV comedy Lizzie McGuire. She seems to be perfect with her long blonde hair and good looks but Hilary maintains she really is just an average girl, like Lizzie McGuire. Can we belive her?

This is the girl who has starred in films like Steve Martin’s Cheaper by the Dozen, the Madonna-inspired Material Girl with sister Haylie, and The Perfect Man as Heather Locklear’s daughter. She’s also a successful pop singer: in the last five years she’s had four hit albums, including her latest release, Dignity. But that’s not all: she’s even a fashion desiner with her own range of clothes and cometics, "Stuff by Hilary Duff", that sells around the world. All this makes her one of the richest young ladies on the planet.


Hilary’s fan base consists of teenagers, man, many of whom have grown up with her. She has maintained the image of a nice girl, unlike Disney’s other more rebellious star, Lindsay Lohan. Critics accuse Hilary of being a manufactured star and of being talentless, but John Cusak, her co-star in this year’s War Inc., doesn’t agree: "People don’t know how talented she is. She’s a great actress, a revelation every day".


Hilary likes to help out: she’s worked for the charity kids with a Cause since 1999, gave generously to Tsunami and Katrina funds, and is involved with many other charities. She has a very strong relationship with her mother, Susan, and older sister, Haylie – they help her keep her feet on the ground. Yet life isn’t always easy for Hilary: a stalker, Maksim Miakovsky, threatened to kill her last year. He was arrested and sent to prison.


clumsy = desajeitada, aloprada //  maintains = insiste // average girl = garota comum // Cheaper by the Dozen = Doze é demais // her own range of clothes = sua própria linha de confecções // manufactured star = estrela fabricada // to help out = dar uma mão, ajudar // charity = entidade filantrópica, beneficente // stalker = perseguidor // threatened to kill her = ameaçou matá-la //

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